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PCA Roboter- und Vermakungstechnik GmbH

Over the years

Since 1993 PCA GmbH stands for individual and efficient solutions in the field of special machines.

1998 move into the industrial park Wiedersbach with expansion of production areas

1999 renewed increase of the operating area by an expansion to the production hall

2000 specializing in design and planning of robots and packaging machines

2002 Dieter Huebner is promoted to new CEO of PCA GmbH

2006 winners in the nationwide initiative "SME Promotion" themed "Work like the best" with the concept of target order processing

2009 further double extension of the production area and creates a storage and packaging center with 600 square meters of storage capacity

2009 ecologically sensible use of the roof surfaces with a photovoltaic system (180 kWh of power)

2010 with the construction of the assembly hall and office building, the production and storage areas were expanded to above 5000 square meters

To guarantee the highest quality standards at fixed deadlines, PCA Roboter- und Verpackungstechnik GmbH has more than 100 permanent employees.

Area view 2011

Aerial view 2010
Aerial view 2010

main entrance 2009
main entrance 2009

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